Terror at Macaulay returns for Terror at Macaulay 2: The Summoning. An immersive, interactive haunted walk-thru the historical grounds & house of Macaulay Heritage Park, Picton, PEC. This event runs October 28th, 29th, 30th & 31st, from 5pm - 8pm and is a timed-ticketed event.

It is the middle of the 1800s. People hold séances for fun... but little do they know they have summoned spirits to the site of the Macaulay House! There are tales of ghosts that walk through the cemetery at night. Vampires that feed on unsuspecting villagers. Witches that can be heard casting strange spells in the woods.

This year, we dare you to enter the haunted corn maze and explore Macaulay's House, while avoiding ghosts and ghouls.


Guests are invited to walk the grounds to discover what lurks in the dark. View haunted sites created by local creators and community artists! This haunted walk will be a family-friendly experience for the community, keeping the scariness to a PG-13 rating so all can enjoy. Will you take the chicken run to the safety of Macaulay’s haunted home? Or venture though the corn maze and into the spider’s den?

We advise all young children be accompanied by an adult at all times. "Scaredy cat" flags are also available for those who want to enjoy the event without frights.


To contact Team Terror, email us at terroratmacaulay@gmail.com

GhostHole Productions


Vanessa Rieger

Curator / Art Director

Rieger is an artist, carpenter, event director, and installation technician. With a degree in Fine Arts from OCADu and a work history within theater and the art world, Vanessa has been organizing Halloween events since 2013. Starting with GhostHole events in Toronto for over 7 years, working at various festivals across Ontario and now recently in PEC, Vanessa utilizes all of her various skills to create immersive events for all ages. Vanessa designed Ghosts at Camp Picton Halloween event in 2020, a successful drive-thru haunted house in response to COVID lockdowns. Vanessa lives and works in Picton where she has her workshop and art studio. Vanessa currently designs and builds escape room games for Escape Camp Picton and works as a freelance professional art handler for various artists, art galleries in both PEC and Toronto.


Gaby Cole

Event Coordinator

Gabriele brings over a decade of event planning experience, including planning programming for the Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario and locally, at QEMA in Ameliasburgh. She is currently the Program Manager of Baxter Arts Centre in Bloomfield. She has also worked with artists and planned regular art exhibitions as the Gallery Director of Crescent Hill Gallery, a large fine art gallery in Mississauga. She has been involved in, including Terror at Macaulay in 2021 (co-presenter, event coordinator) and Ghosts of Camp Picton 2020 (volunteer ticket sales coordinator).

Macaulay Heritage Park



Macaulay Heritage Park is an attractive historic site featuring many points of interest: Macaulay House, built in 1830 and restored to the mid-1850s; the historic former Church of St. Mary Magdalene, now a museum; the old St. Mary Magdalene Parish Cemetery; Heritage Gardens and the Carriage House. Together they comprise beautiful parkland for visitors to enjoy.

Reverend William Macaulay was originally sent to this area as a missionary. In 1823 he organized the Parish of Hallowell, donating the land for the church and paying for much of its construction from his own personal wealth. Reverend Macaulay’s contributions to the community were not only spiritual, but civic—dispersing his property for the construction of both a school and a courthouse; the latter has been in use since 1831. Macaulay was also instrumental in the naming of the town of Picton.

The museum currently houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Indigenous history of Prince Edward County, and temporary displays that are updated twice (or more) yearly.